Bournemouth, Best places to eat a delicious meal!

When you think of Bournemouth then you are likely to always think about stunning beaches and crisp, clean water. However, the town is so much more than just a place to spend the day with your family in the sunshine. One great thing about Bournemouth is that there are a variety of amazing places to eat. Ranging in cuisines and styles. So, what can Bournemouth offer those who are looking for somewhere to sit, watch the world go by and satisfy their hunger too?

Fish and Chips
There is something incredibly special about being by the seaside, munching on fish and chips. This is why one of the most common types of eaterie that you will find in Bournemouth are fish and chips stores. Not only are the ingredients easy to source, but they are also popular with families too, which makes for the ideal combination.

Cocktails and High Quality Food
Of course, whilst eating delicious seaside fare is plenty good enough, sometimes you want to relax in slightly more luxurious surroundings. This is where cocktail bars that also offer food are a popular choice. These restaurants often have extensive menus packed full with amazing dishes which work perfectly with the array of cocktails that they can whip up for you too!

Cafés and Delis
Sometimes, when it comes to eating out, you want something simple, fast and tasty. This is why the many cafés and delis of Bournemouth are a popular choice. They may offer simpler dishes, but that doesn’t mean that they are not delicious. They are also ideal for those who have families, as well as those looking for a quick bite to eat.

Afternoon tea
Who doesn’t love a spot of afternoon tea in Bournemouth? You will be hard pressed to find anyone. That is why afternoon tea has become a popular choice for those looking to sit down and enjoy something to eat in Bournemouth. There are a variety of hotels throughout the coastal town which offer afternoon tea, not only serving amazing cakes but also sandwiches too!

Whilst this sheer variety of places to eat is ideal for foodies who are visiting Bournemouth, it isn’t always ideal for those who run a restaurant there. The quest to be named the best restaurant in Bournemouth means that they have to work hard to prove their worth.
Something that BANQUE & BOHEM are dedicated to. We want to earn the coveted title of the very best restaurant in Bournemouth, which is why we work hard on our menu, the quality of our food and the service that we provide to all of those people who choose to eat with us.
Why not help us on our mission to be the best restaurant in Bournemouth?

We would love to welcome you into our beautiful and friendly restaurant, whenever you are ready to join us!


Digital Nomads of Bournemouth

Why Bournemouth is the ideal location for a digital nomad!

Digital nomads really are becoming a thing. These people work remotely, wherever they need to, rather than being based within an office space. Here at Banque & Bohem we take great pride in being one of the best restaurants in Bournemouth. Not only do we provide the ideal place for nomads (and anyone else for that matter) to relax in after a busy day, but we also offer up themed function rooms that can be hired too.

After all, who says that you have to spend your entire life working in a coffee house or public space.

So, what makes us think that Bournemouth is such a great place for nomads to use as their base?

We are by the sea

Now, we know this doesn’t really have anything to do with being a digital nomad, but there is something so special about being by the sea. Even if you are working, knowing that a beautiful beach and clear waters are not far from you is going to make you feel a whole lot better about having to knuckle down.

There are plenty of places to use as a base

There is no shortage of private hire meeting rooms and places to call your base in Bournemouth. It really doesn’t matter what type of space you are looking for, or how often you need it, you are going to find exactly what you are looking for. Some may be happy to pay for the use, whilst others will be looking for a cheaper alternative. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it throughout the streets here.

When the time comes, you can let your hair down

Of course, life can’t be all work and no play. Whilst Bournemouth has plenty of places to work. It has plenty of places to let your hair down too. There are cocktails galore spread throughout the venues and of course, you are likely to always find an event happening, particularly during the busy Summer weekends. We love the fact that whilst the people in Bournemouth love to work hard and achieve, they also understand that sometimes we all need to have some fun and just live our best lives.

As you can see, we believe that there really is no better place for a digital nomad to be then in Bournemouth. If you are looking for your next base, why not try out Bournemouth? Whether it is because you are by the sea, because there are plenty of places to work or because it is ideal for you to let your hair down, there are so many reasons why you should head to Bournemouth.